Let's create an Angular Story book!

November 14, 2020

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This was the November month event from Angular Hive meetup group and the topic of discussion was “How to create Design systems using Storybook.js”.

UIs are built from the “bottom up” starting with basic components then progressively combined to assemble screens.

We keep one step at a time by following this Component driven approach. Storybook is a tool for UI development to showcase components that are being developed.

It makes development faster and easier by isolating components. This allows you to work on one component at a time. You can develop entire UIs without needing to start up a complex dev stack, force certain data into your database, or navigate around your application.

Basically work in chunks! 😊

I showed in the talk how to setup Storybook in Angular, and configure couple useful addons that are shipped with Storybook to create a Style guide (Minimal Design systems).

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