Angular + Docker = Portable Angular DEV Environment

August 08, 2020

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This was the August month event from Angular Hive meetup group and the topic of discussion was using Docker in Angular.

Setting up development environment for Angular application is not that difficult but time consuming. When you want to quickly try out a JavaScript framework (Say Angular, React etc.,) in your organization and decide on which one to go with, you may not have enough time and effort to setup Development environment.

Hosting the Angular application is again another problem in the Organization that is yet to decide on which JS framework to use. To reduce cloud cost, server admin efforts, we need a better approach to host the application and at the same time with zero expense from out of pocket.

Docker comes into rescue to solve these problems - Create docker image of your application and host it in Docker hub. Spinning the container in your local machine is suffice to run the application with no software installation and hosting as they (Node and Nginx) are bundled with in Docker image.

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