My Acrylic Paintings 🎨

July 22, 2020

Acrylic painting is my hobby 😍

When I don’t code, I paint. Yes it is one of my hobbies. I paint Acrylic paintings just by taking lessons from YouTube video courses.

Thought of taking Classes from Artist this summer but couldn’t proceed with the plan due to Pandemic.

All ready, check out my paintings below..

Christmas Tree 🎄

Christmas Tree

I painted this and gifted to my friend on a Christmas day. You know one thing, this was my first Acrylic painting on Canvas.

A Deer on the lake 🦌

A deer on the lake Tree

Again I painted this and gifted to my friend when visiting him after a long time. My wife guessed the aninal standing on shore as Dog instead of Deet, I need to improve my painting a lot. Lol!

Kiss in the city 💏

kiss in the city

“Kiss in the city” is my all time favorite as it involves different colors and strokes.

Flowers on Absctract background 🌸

kiss in the city

Abstract background - Trees, Sun go well with flowers in this painting.

Magical love tree ❤️

Magical love tree

Magical love tree - Painted on four separate canvas, putting together make them a wonderful Wall

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