Hello dev community!

May 10, 2020

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I am really excited to publish my first blog post after a quite long break from blogging (almost three years).

Let me introduce myself

I am Udhay, working as a Software Engineer in Raleigh, USA building amazing things using Angular, ReactJS, Java and AWS Cloud platforms.

What I do other than work?

Host Meetups Events

I host Angular meetup events in Raleigh and also over Online to connect DEV from different parts of World. The events are hosted every month, so check out for the schedule from here and join us this month.

If you are interested to talk about Topics related to Angular, ReactJS or Web, buzz me on my Twitter ❤️


I also speak at my Meetup events in addition to hosting them. I love tech talks, check out my recent talks from here.

I do talk in other meetup events too, organized by Tech communities. Invite me to talk about Angular, Web and Cloud, am happy to help.


To be specific, I started blogging in 2012, launched a website for Android Tutorials. Though it was a very successful one, I couldn’t continue to post tutorials there as my development path changed (Moved from Mobile to Web).

Recently started a blog on Angular - https://angularhive.com and writing Angular tutorials over there. Check the blog posts and share your feedback.


I volunteer for outreach activities - Park cleaning, litter picking from lakes, house construction, run for charity, walk for different foundation to combat cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis etc.,

That’s all I have to tell about me.. Connect with me on Twitter @AskUdhay to stay connected.

Thanks for sticking around and reading the post!

Written by Udhay who lives and works in Raleigh, building amazing things. Follow me on Twitter